A Couple Updates to My Domino-One-Offs Repository

Sep 4, 2012, 6:25 PM

Tags: xpages java

I realized earlier that I let a couple of the classes in Domino-One-Offs stagnate relative to the versions I currently use. Since originally posting my convenience XML library and, more usefully, the DynamicViewCustomizer, I've tweaked both in my various projects to add more features I ended up needing.

The DynamicViewCustomizer has gone further down the path of Notes-client fidelity at the expense of a bit more overhead, doing things like setting column widths (except where the column is set to extend to the window width, either specifically or by virtue of being the last column, as appropriate). It's still not perfect, as I ran into a bit of trouble with, I think, HTML in category columns (and you can see commented-out remnants of various other changes), but it's potentially useful.

For my "man, I hate dealing with all these stupid orthogonal Java XML libraries" XML library, I've added a number of functions to support my Forms 'n' Views app (coming Soon™), namely better attribute handling, a simple NodeList wrapper (that actually acts like a List), and a basic getXml() method for when you just want a string version.

Finally, I tossed in the current version of my SortableMapView class, meant to gobble up Views or ViewEntryCollections and make them sortable by all columns. That one uses Lombok, but I think you could just remove the bits about making it List-compatible and still be fine.

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