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The Greatest Domino Poster of All Time

Apr 20, 2012, 7:23 PM

My company is moving out of the offices it has inhabited for... longer than I've been alive, basically. During this move, we've had plenty of opportunities to come across relics of its past form as an instructor-led training location: old courseware, ancient versions of Windows, NetWare, and Notes/Domino (from before it was Domino), and some priceless marketing materials. Some of the posters we've found are worth a good chuckle or two (a NotesMail poster boasting "Finally, a mail system you will never have to exchange"), but this one is my absolute favorite thing related to Domino:

Amazing Domino poster

It's amazing, like a Domino ad out of Yellow Submarine. What I wouldn't give to have IBM's marketing to be more "Then, suddenly, bursting from a magic lotus blossom" and less "The Social server software for Socially Socializing with Social people in a Social way - just ask this guy in a tie."

Fun fact: the hooded "executioner" guy in the top right being punched out by Domino is labeled "SuiteSpot". SuiteSpot, it appears, was some sort of Groupware/web/mail/directory offering from Netscape. I guess Domino won that battle.