• Jan 31, 2018

For a good while now, the Domino Update Site for Build Management has been an essential tool for anyone setting up a local OSGi/Tycho development environment. However, it's really withered on the vine - the latest official release matches stock Domino 9.0.1, while recent fix packs have brought a number of improvements and new classes/methods. Since the binary code is entirely IBM's to distribute or not at their leisure, we can't update the release itself. Today's release of FP10, though, pushed me over the edge to the point where I at least wrote a tool to help the local creation of updated repositories.

The result of my work is generate-domino-update-site, a small CLI and programmatic script that you can point to a Domino installation, a destination directory, and an Eclipse program root to have it create (effectively) an updated version of the update site. The result contains a bit more than the official one did, but that should hopefully not hurt anything. Beyond just copying files into a directory, the script does the dirty work of re-packing unpacked bundles and features, vivifying the Notes.jar wrapper bundles, and creating p2 metadata (hence the Eclipse dependency).

To use the tool, you can clone the repository and run the jar as described in the readme. I may also get around to uploading it as a compiled result to a proper OpenNTF project page.

Feb 1, 2018
Sasa Brkic

Thanks a lot Jesse, much appreciated! It removes one of the hurdles on the road to an effective and repeatable development setup.


Mar 7, 2018

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Apr 23, 2018

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