My MWLUG 2015 Presentation, "Maven: An Exhortation and Apology"

Aug 30, 2015, 7:07 PM

Tags: mwlug

As prophesied, I gave a presentation on MWLUG last week. Keeping with my tradition, the slides from the deck are not particularly useful on their own, so I'm not going to post them as such. However, Dave Navarre once again did the yeoman's work of recording my session, so it and a number of other sessions from the conference are available on YouTube.

In addition, my plan is to expand, as I did earlier today, on the core components of my session in blog form, in a way that wouldn't have made much sense in a conference session anyway. And, if I'm as good as my word, I'll make a NotesIn9 episode or two on the subject.

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