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Feb 23, 2011, 11:18 AM

Tags: gcd

Well, Project One is down: I set up a first draft of my new Getting Crap Done database. I did indeed set it up on Domino, so I didn't have to worry about user authentication, and that helped quite a bit. It's very quick and dirty, using some basic controls and a certain old style I had sitting around:

Getting Things Done: Items

It really does just what I need: keeps tracks of item names, the date or range (now, short, medium, long), and allows for repeating items, plug a big ol' rich text field for generic notes:

Getting Crap Done: Item

Since it's Domino, multi-user functions were a cinch and it was easy to add in some items for making items available for viewing or editing by others, and those fields also handled showing only your items with no chance of stumbling across anyone else's illicitly.

I also added a feed to my home page to keep it in my face at all times. In later phases, I'll add in stuff like RSS feeds and email reminders. More importantly, though, this should help me hold my own feet to the fire on on the other things I need to get done.

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