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Feb 21, 2011, 9:26 PM

Tags: projects

So I think I need a project to work on.

Back during my education, when I had weeks of time on my hands, I had projects going all the time, the mostĀ prominentĀ of which was my old blogging site. Aside from that, though, I had lots of little things - server admin stuff like setting up mail access, getting Gaim to work on OS X back when that meant using the non-Apple XFree86 build, and my on-again-off-again relationship with building pseudo-filesystems with MySQL in Java, Objective-C, or Ruby.

Then, I started working and actually doing Ā things with my time, and my beloved projects have gone by the wayside. For a while, even when I had free time, I'd be too tired and annoyed from work to do much other than play WoW or watch TV. I've still finished a couple small-time projects here and there, like my new home page when I finally got fed up with my ancient My Yahoo home page, my AIM log parser DB, and a little runeword-tracking app for Diablo II. My big project lately, which has been taking longer than it realistically should have, has been the new forums/raid comp utility for my guild. That's finally just about good to go, which means my spare programming time will be free.

So: what's next? A couple candidates come to mine:

  • Another blogging platform. I've already done this, but I'd love to take a whack at it in Ruby or another modern language, not PHP. I have to admit, though, that (NIH flareups aside) WordPress is doing a fine job.
  • Some just-for-fun apps in Cocoa. I have only a cursory knowledge of Cocoa, and it'd serve me very well to learn how to write Mac and iOS apps.
  • Some stuff in Cappuccino. This would have much the same effect as learning Cocoa, but would keep within my usual web-dev domain (which could be either a plus or a minus).
  • More Minecraft Server work. This could be fun, but I'm getting pretty tired of looking at Java all day.
  • Plugins for Plex. I've recently switched to using my Mac mini in lieu of a proper cable TV subscription, but there are some rough edges. Namely, Plex's YouTube app is pretty feature-light, but XBMC doesn't support Hulu or Netflix. Plex plugins are just Python, though, which is like Ruby if you squint, so maybe I could fix it myself.
  • More WoW stuff. I'm not sure what specifically I'd do next, but there are plenty of places I can improve the forums and raid comp tool.

The important thing, though, is that, now that I've written it down in a public forum, I'll have to do something. All I have to do is decide what, and the rest is an implementation detail.

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